Friday, March 21, 2008

Stations of the Cross by Coloring

Because our Grade School WorkshopCycles class has been studying the Stations of the Cross, I encouraged parents to bring their kids to our noon Stations service.
Very quickly, I realized how boring it was, being 3 feet tall, listening to someone talk and talk, and having 30 people between you and a 4 X 6 black and white woodblock print place high on a wall.
So I ran downstairs and got the coloring pages (VERY slow to load, but well worth it!) that we used for "fillers." There is a page for each of the 14 stations. I made quick booklets and the children then were able to follow along, coloring each page and talking about what was happening in them.

Even the 4-year old picked up very quickly that when the group began to sing, it was time to turn the page.

I highly recommend using these coloring pages and inviting families to attend Stations of the Cross together. The parents can walk the stations as one adult sits with the children and talks about each coloring page.