Thursday, January 29, 2009

Presenting: John the Baptist!

This year we ordered our Children's Pageant from Creative Communications. It was a pageant mainly about John the Baptist (and thus helped my High Church side be comfortable that we presented on on Advent 4!).
The pageant was simple, very elastic (easily changed to work for a smaller or larger group), and inexpensive. We would happily purchase something from them again.

Here is Zachariah and Elizabeth being introduced:

Although it was a Children's Pageant, we did also use some adult actors. Here's our daddy holy trinity of John, Gabriel, and Zachariah:

And here are the children performing their "Big Number:"

John the Baptist: Science

I hope to add more Science Workshops into our program. This was our first one, focusing on "arise, shine for your light has come."

In this Workshop, the Leader put together solutions with different chemicals that create different colors of flame. Here, you can see the bottles of solution, and the children with their long wooden qtips:

The children listen as the Leader explains how there are many different colors of flame, but they all possess attributes of heat and light. Just like each one of us have our own unique gifts, but all those gifts can be ways for us to show God's love to others: