Sunday, July 5, 2009

OEC@K Children's Program

Harcourt Parish hosted the Children's Program for the Ohio Episcopal Celebration at Kenyon. We had a great group of kids and helpers and although the program was simple, it was a great success (reminder to self!!).

The Eucharists at OEC@K attempted to be family-friendly. Luke tested that theory, and it was well-received. All the children were invited to join the bishop celebrant around the altar.

Our program theme was based on Jamie Lee Curtis' book "Is there Really a Human Race?" We found a ton of fantastic activities based on the book here.

And of course, we made up a few activities ourselves. One of the things we did was give each child a disposable camera and help them do a photo scavanger hunt to take pictures of people and things that help the human race. (The 2-year old's pictures contained a lot of grass and sky!)
Here are some of our group posing with a Gambier firefighter, definitely someone who helps the human race:

Another activity we did was offer free cold water to folks on this hot summer day. The kids loved this activity, and I think the adults did, too.

In the car a week later, little Luke began saying "Free cold water! Free cold water!" Young brains are sponges. I'm glad we're filling these kids' brains up with the Good Stuff.