Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Episcopal Church Welecomes You

I've been thinking recently it's time to re-activate this blog. Maybe not confine myself quite as strictly to just children and spirituality.

And then a tornado hit my hometown (yes, this is a picture of the actual tornado that hit Chapman):

Luckily, there was only 1 death and few injuries. But the loss of buildings and "stuff" is tragic.
Several friends' homes are gone, and several others have walls, roof, etc missing.

It's been a rough week trying to process this from afar. Then I drove to church this morning, and look out my windshield and see this:

If you can't quite see the window, here's a better look:

Jesus invites us in. With whatever baggage we may have. Set it down. Stay a while. Grieve. Heal. Then go back out into the world to help others.

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