Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Five

I'm proud to say I'm now part of the RevGalPal Blogring (you can check out others by clicking on the sidebar).

One of the things they do is the Friday Five. This week, it's 5 things that have helped you on your spiritual journey. Here's my list, with a childcentric spin:

1. Book
I go back again and again to 2 series, Madeline L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time series and C.S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy (Perelandra, etc). Each time I read them, I am reminded about God, humanity, and our relationships in wonderful ways. Wrinkle in Time can be read starting around age 7-8. I believe I first read Perelandra at age 13.

2. Music
Why Not Sea Monsters have created the world's greatest biblical-based music. They may be "children's artists" but their theology can stand up to many a ThD. If you haven't heard them, check them out NOW. Their song about Job had me weeping tears of joy. They are able to convey the overwhelming love of God in a way I've seldom heard.

3. Art
My own. We are all artists, and are able to understand a little bit about the creative aspect of God by being creative ourselves. Spend a little time with your kids and art this week!

4. Film
There's an old film, possibly made in the 1960s or 70s called The Music Box. It's about a hopeless man in a hopeless world. He finds a music box that brings joy into his life. He tries to hide the change in himself and also hides the music box. A really great band of funky singing angels come to share the joy and teach him to share. First his family, then his neighborhood, and then the world become hope-filled.

5. Unusual Engagement with Pop Culture
I love The Brick Testament. It takes (usually the goriest or sexiest) stories from the bible and tells them through legos. It has a rating systems for the stories, including N (nudity), V (violence), S (sex), and C (I'm not sure what C is for). Not for young children, but I would think that especially older boys might really enjoy it. However, parents may not want to have to try to explain these "stinky parts" of the bible to their children!

Now, post a comment and share your nominations in these categories.


Atomicmom said...

OK, I checked out the Brick Testament and it's cracking me up! I like it! But, yes, it might be kind of hard to explain those bloody legos, not to mention the sex illustrations. :)

I'll think about my 5 and post another comment.

Atomicmom said...

OK, here's a quickie version of my 5 and T's 5, too. You can see explanations on my blog, since I decided to elaborate there.

1. Book - Love Comes Softly, Janette Oke
2. Music - Point of Grace, "Life, Love, and Other Mysteries" album
3. Art - a pentecost decoration at my church
4. Film - Veggietales!
5. Other - Contemporary Christian Music

1. Book - Dissapointment with God, Phillip Yancy
2. David Crowder's Collision album
3. The Christ of St. John of Cross, Salvador Dali
4. Film - Unbreakable
5. Other - Any song by Linkin Park

Mary Beth said...

Welcome to Revgals! :)

revabi said...

Gpod play in the friday five. Come play regularly. I love Madeline L'Engle's books and C.S. Lewis SF trilogy. You don't hear too many people talk about these but they are great.

Counselor in Process said...

Welcome to the revgals. Where in OH? That's were I'm originally from-now a native New Yorker.