Monday, January 21, 2008

Drawing our prayers

I taught Godly Play for the preschool classroom this week. I took a long piece of paper and put it on their small table and we drew our prayers for the first activity of the morning. The kids did a really great job of it and stayed on task.
They then brought the paper forward at the Offertory, and we laid it under the altar for the rest of the service.

Prayers for my cousins:

For the wooden car I'm making with my grandpa and dad:

For Granny E who died (she's wearing the sweater I gave her for christmas):

For my fish. (And that big circle? "It's the thing that connects all my prayers.")

What do your kids want to pray about today? Take out some crayons and find out.

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Atomicmom said...

I like this idea! And I have a "class" of my own at home to try it on! :)