Monday, January 28, 2008

Lent Preparations

I've spent much of my day working on Sunday School, and I'm very excited about both of our classrooms.

I'm excited about Godly Play because we had 10 children in class yesterday--too many to even fit around the table! But they were very attentive during the story time, shared well during work time, and were easily redirected when needed.
Things are going well there, and I'm working on cutting down another table to go into their room.

I'm preparing materials for the Stations of the Cross cycle of WorkshopCycles, and there is so much great stuff in there. For their journal pages, we're going to have space for kids to draw the station they're learning about that week and ask them to complete a phrase about the week (ie "nails are...")
I have such hope about all the children will be learning--they could really lead their families and the rest of the congregation in the observance of a Holy Lent.

Back to work!

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