Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No-Nag Great Idea

Our EFM group voluntered at a Hot Meals program last night. This program has many people who volunteer only occasionally. As I took the tortillas out of the oven, I turned around and saw the refrigerator covered with 3X5 index cards with brightly colored words.

Each card held a task that needed to be completed before we were "done" for the evening. It was SO MUCH better than a typed out list because:
-Easier to read than a page or two of duties and descriptions
-No one had to be "in charge"--each of us could find something to do
-Each of us could choose the tasks that were most interesting to us
-They were in bright colors
-They included things like "Smile!" and at least 3 of them said "Dance!" ;)

What a great way to help volunteers, or occasional users of any sort, to be successful in what they do.
Also, what a fun way to have a weekly Family Chore Hour. ;)

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Atomicmom said...

We have a similar way of posting chores for our kids on the door in the kitchen. :) I like the idea of throwing in a fun one, like "Hug Mom!"