Sunday, January 6, 2008

God in the Family

The kids we spent Thanksgiving with (have I mentioned how happy I am to have my new computer mostly under control?) are 2nd generation Greek. The parents are a delightful gentle southern Episcopal man and an animated soul-ful Greek Orthodox woman. I remember the first Icon he was given by her family. He wasn't quite sure about what to do with it or how to "use" it. And now, their house is full of Icons in the most normal, everyday sort of way.

Living with them for a week, I came to understand Icons in a new way. As they are scattered about in their home, these icons are less Holy Things To Be Revered and more Family...less Church People and more There's A Great Story About This Person...less unsettling and more comforting.

Their children are growing up with icons all around them just like the family photos that are all around them. It's a way for God's World (which some kids only get when they go to church) to intersect all the time with Our World.

What a gift to give your children.

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